Oh deer…

So on Wednesday the doe that’s been frequently spotted out back came around again. This time I was armed with my camera and took shots from the distance. As she sauntered into our neighbor’s yard for some eats I crept closer, hiding behind a fir tree to get a better shot. Well, I guess I wasn’t that intimidating because next thing I know she turned around and walked up to me. She was literally 6 feet away from where I was standing. The lovely lady just stood around for a bit and posed until she wandered off. Let’s just say I was standing there for a bit with my mouth agape…

Here’s a couple of the photos I took.





My only concern is that she’s a bit on the thin side, so I’m hoping she is able to find all she needs to fulfill her nutritional requirements. I’m kind of tempted to hit the farm store and grab some deer supplements to leave out for her. Anyway, you can view more photos here.