First Ever FIND MY STICKER Contest! (Chicago Beta)

Come and get it!


So while I was half drunkenly meandering around Chicago for Pride I had this idea to have a little treasure hunt of sorts. For those of you in or around the city you might try your hand at finding this sticker. (Hint: it’s in the Andersonville area.) It’s sprayed with a UV resistant finish so hopefully it’ll withstand some abuse. I must have looked like an idiot jumping up and down trying to reach it to smooth it out, but some guy on the street congratulated me when I did! Anyway…

The Contest: First person to name the cross section this sticker is at wins a prize!
Time Limit: Until someone finds it or nature/some lame-o wrecks havoc on it.
The Prize: An 8×10 ink/marker drawing of whatever you want. (Ex: a hot dog anaconda choking the shit out of Kobayashi.)

Or a sadistic eel.

I’m picturing this as kind of a beta test because I like the idea of a modern day treasure hunt. If this works out I’d definitely consider doing more of these contests in the future.


This one doesn’t count because I was too tipsy to bother writing down the cross-street it was at.