Toys, toys, toys

So one thing I’m particularly obsessed with are vinyl toys. It all started with a single Dunny given to me on my birthday a few years back and has since spiraled out of control. However, I haven’t been able to add to my collection recently due to a lack of funds, but hopefully that will soon change. If you’re ever in Chicago one of the best places to satisfy your passion for plastic is Rotofugi. They use to be in a smaller location, but have since moved up to a bigger store with an even bigger gallery.

The lovely piece in the middle is by Julie West. They had two versions, green and pink, but I love how bright the pink one looks. The birds on top are magnetic and stick to the hat. My only complaint is that they should have made the hat magnetic too… I don’t know how many times I’ve moved it and had it fall off.

On the right we have many Dunnys, some Kozik figures (I’m particularly fond of smorkin labbits), a little Tara McPherson balloon, and some random Japanese lego-like animal things.

Aaaaand on the left we have more Dunnys (obviously), a poor little tokidoki Cactus Pup (didn’t realize it had tipped over when I took the picture), more of those animal puzzle thingies, and Kubrick figures of the Dead Leaves characters. I remember sending in one of those postcards for a prize drawing in the now defunct Animerica mag and won these little guys and the DVD. Boy, did I have a nerdgasm.

In case you were curious of what my work area looked like here it is. To be fair, it’s lot tidier than it usually is. You can see some sketches of Iggy and friends above the monitor. Wallpaper courtesy of Bobby from The Fox Is Black and his awesome Desktop Wallpaper Project. Seriously, go download some and make your computer that much cooler.

Anyway, yeah… just a little obsessed.


Concerts 2010

So as I was scouring my HD I came across some shots from random shows over 2010. Figured it might be fun to share these as well as some excellent fucking music.

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Andrew Jackson Jihad is a folk punk band usually consisting of the duo Sean Bonnette (guitar & vocals) and Ben Gallaty (upright bass), although occasionally they’re joined by drums or horns. Got to see them at Beat Kitchen last June and it was a fucking blast. A friend of mine had introduced me to their music back in 2008 and I was immediately struck by the sincere, grotesque and occasionally hilarious lyrics. So here are three songs because it was impossible to pick just one.


Screaming Females was another fabulous band I saw in September at Brew Not Bombs III (which is also a very awesome benefit teeming with music and microbrews). From New Brunswick, New Jersey, they’re a bit punk/screamo/guitargasm rolled into one with Marissa Paternoster (guitar & vocals), Jarrett Dougherty (drums), and King Mike (bass). Let’s just say that Marissa is my new rock goddess and leave it at that. *swoons*

♥ ♥ ♥

Happy listening! You can see the rest of the pics here.

Plastic Beach Tour 2010

So I’ve been meaning to post these at some point. Finally had the chance to go see Gorillaz after falling in love all those years ago when their first album came out. As you can see, I got a sweet ass view from the main floor. Revel in the awesomeness that is the Plastic Tour. (And props to my little Lumix for taking such great shots for a pocket digi.) I even got some shots of Damon Albarn… *swoon*

P1000130 ★