And *poof* she reappears!

We’re already a month into 2011 and I can’t say I’ve been mauling my resolutions at full force. It’s partly due to school eating away at my time, but I know some of it is just making excuses. What’s the point of setting goals if you’re going to half-ass them? At any rate, I want to start posting more artwork now that I have some ideas I’m working on and a scanner available. Sometimes I post crappy phone pics of my doodles on twitter if you care to take a peek.

So… since I don’t have any art to post just yet I suppose I can explain what’s been destroying my normal sleep schedule.

Dropsophila can kiss my ass
These fuckers.

Say hello to Dropsophila melanogaster aka the fruit fly. They make wonderful organisms to study genetics because they produce many offspring relatively quickly. Unfortunately, to make crosses between different flies I need virgin females. Because they mature super quickly (6 hours at room temp!) I have to check them every 6-10 hours so the females don’t get knocked up and ruin the gene pool. Oh yes, and these experiments are going to take 2-3 months to complete. On the plus side I guess I’ll become an expert in sexing fruit flies.



Keep coming back to watch this video over the past couple weeks. The combination of photography and 2D animation makes for such a trippy effect. Actually, you should check out the other works by CRCR too.

Plastic Beach Tour 2010

So I’ve been meaning to post these at some point. Finally had the chance to go see Gorillaz after falling in love all those years ago when their first album came out. As you can see, I got a sweet ass view from the main floor. Revel in the awesomeness that is the Plastic Tour. (And props to my little Lumix for taking such great shots for a pocket digi.) I even got some shots of Damon Albarn… *swoon*

P1000130 ★