Copic Markers Collection

0 Colorless Blender
0 Colorless Blender
0 Colorless Blender
100 Black
B000 Pale Porcelain Blue
B02 Robin’s Egg Blue
B21 Baby Blue
B25 Sky
B29 Ultramarine
B32 Pale Blue
B34 Manganese Blue
B39 Prussian Blue
B63 Light Hydrangea
B93 Light Crockery Blue
B95 Light Grayish Cobalt
BG02 New Blue
BG05 Holiday Blue
BG10 Cool Shadow
BG13 Mint Green
BG45 Nile Blue
BG49 Duck Blue
BG72 Ice Ocean
BG75 Abyss Green
BG78 Bronze
BV00 Mauve Shadow
BV02 Prune
BV04 Blue Berry
BV08 Blue Violet
BV11 Soft Violet
BV13 Hydrangea Blue
BV17 Deep Reddish Blue
BV20 Dull Lavender
BV23 Grayish Lavender
BV25 Grayish Violet
C1 Cool Gray No. 1
C3 Cool Gray No. 3
C5 Cool Gray No. 5
C7 Cool Grey No. 7
E00 Skin White
E000 Pale Fruit Pink
E000 Pale Fruit Pink
E02 Fruit Pink
E04 Lipstick Natural
E11 Bareley Beige
E13 Light Suntan
E13 Light Suntan
E15 Dark Suntan
E18 Copper
E18 Copper
E25 Caribe Cocoa
E29 Burnt Umber
E31 Brick Beige
E33 Sand
E33 Sand
E37 Sepia
E49 Dark Bark
E50 Egg Shell
E50 Egg Shell
E51 Milky White
E53 Raw Silk
E57 Light Walnut
G00 Jade Green
G02 Spectrum Green
G07 Nile Green
G09 Veronese Green
G12 Sea Green
G14 Apple Green
G17 Forest Green
G20 Wax White
G21 Lime Green
G24 Willow
G28 Ocean Green
G82 Spring Dim Green
G85 Verdigris
N0 Neutral Gray No. 0
N3 Neutral Gray No. 3
R00 Pinkish White
R02 Flesh
R05 Salmon Red
R08 Vermillion
R20 Blush
R22 Light Prawn
R24 Prawn
R27 Cadmium Red
R29 Lipstick Red
R32 Peach
R35 Coral
R39 Garnet
R59 Cardinal
R89 Dark Red
RV00 Water Lily
RV02 Sugared Almond Pink
RV04 Shock Pink
RV06 Cerise
RV09 Fuchsia
RV14 Begonia Pink
RV19 Red Violet
RV29 Crimson
RV34 Dark Pink
RV42 Salmon Pink
RV91 Grayish Cherry
RV93 Smoky Purple
V000 Pale Heath
V01 Heath
V04 Lilac
V06 Lavender
V12 Pale Lilac
V17 Amethyst
V91 Pale Grape
V93 Early Grape
V95 Light Grape
V99 Aubergine
W1 Warm Gray No. 1
W3 Warm Gray No. 3
W5 Warm Gray No. 5
W7 Warm Gray No. 7
Y000 Pale Lemon
Y02 Canary Yellow
Y04 Acacia
Y08 Acid Yellow
Y11 Pale Yellow
Y17 Golden Yellow
Y21 Buttercup Yellow
Y26 Mustard
Y28 Lionet Gold
Y32 Cashmere
Y35 Maize
Y38 Honey
Y38 Honey
YG03 Yellow Green
YG06 Yellowish Green
YG09 Lettuce Green
YG63 Pea Green
YG67 Moss
YG95 Pale Olive
YG97 Spanish Olive
YR00 Powder Pink
YR02Light Orange
YR04 Chrome Orange
YR09 Chinese Orange
YR14 Caramel
YR18 Sanguine
YR31 Light Reddish Yellow
YR61 Yellowish Skin Pink
YR65 Atoll
YR68 Orange


And *poof* she reappears!

We’re already a month into 2011 and I can’t say I’ve been mauling my resolutions at full force. It’s partly due to school eating away at my time, but I know some of it is just making excuses. What’s the point of setting goals if you’re going to half-ass them? At any rate, I want to start posting more artwork now that I have some ideas I’m working on and a scanner available. Sometimes I post crappy phone pics of my doodles on twitter if you care to take a peek.

So… since I don’t have any art to post just yet I suppose I can explain what’s been destroying my normal sleep schedule.

Dropsophila can kiss my ass
These fuckers.

Say hello to Dropsophila melanogaster aka the fruit fly. They make wonderful organisms to study genetics because they produce many offspring relatively quickly. Unfortunately, to make crosses between different flies I need virgin females. Because they mature super quickly (6 hours at room temp!) I have to check them every 6-10 hours so the females don’t get knocked up and ruin the gene pool. Oh yes, and these experiments are going to take 2-3 months to complete. On the plus side I guess I’ll become an expert in sexing fruit flies.